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Found it by a weird sort of serendipity (I was watching an SNL rerun on VH1, and noticed the closed captioning was showing what looked like something about Nascar. Thinking somehow the captioning for two channels got switched, I went down the listings to see if there was even racing on, and was it running SNL captions. Nope. But when I hit channel 707, there was "Sports Night". At first I thought it was the nearly exactly named "Sportsnight" (which is actually solely about sports), but no, it's the real(fake) thing. The new FXX channel, Monday-Friday 1-2 p.m Eastern/12-1 central, Saturday an hour earlier. It may also be on some nights, so obviously check your local listings.

When I caught it they had just hit the end of season 1/ Beginning of season two. (I came in when Danny was talking to Charlie about Charlie's made up baseball score, and Casey gave Charlie the "I'm your father, and nothing you ever do will embarrass me" speech. Call me a sap; it still makes me a little melty. Yeah, I know there are dvds, and probably Netflix, etc, but I still get a kick when it's broadcast. I'm not sure I've seen it on TV since Comedy Central stopped running it.
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