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Author: BJ ([livejournal.com profile] thepurpleswitch)
Author's website: and chimeras
Pairing: Casey/several women. Not at the same time.
Rating: 14A
Category: Gen, some het, angst
Word count: 13k
Summary: What did you do in Dallas?
Author's notes: "I've been writing this for something like four years. Maybe five, or longer. It's my Waterloo. It's unfinished. There are internal inconsistencies and what little logic there is starts unravelling near the end. I'm trying to accept that I might never finish it. I'm still kind of ridiculously proud of it."
Uploader's note: One woman's 'internal inconsistencies' and 'unravelling logic' is another woman's "Oh my god, I wish I could write like that." Linked here by permission of the author.

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Title: Analgesia (The One About The Rabbi, The Bishop, And The Fullback Remix)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] thepurpleswitch (bj; me; etc.)
Summary: "Tell me the one about Casey," says Abby.
Fandom: Sports Night
Character(s): Dan Rydell, Abby Jacobs, Casey McCall
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue.
Original story: "Analgesia" by [livejournal.com profile] likethesun2.
Notes: All hail Wikipedia. And Roberto Luongo.

( to bj's journal, robin! )
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Title: Serpentining
Fandom: Sports Night
Author: A S Lawrence ([livejournal.com profile] phoebesmum)
Author's website: Thrown Roses
Characters: Dan, Abby. Yes, Abby, the Worst Psychiatrist in the History of the Whole World, Ever.
Rating: PG-13
Category: Ficlet
Summary: "Do you do dream analysis?"
Note: [livejournal.com profile] obsidianserpent played stump the writer and won. Although she cheated a bit, if you ask me, picking a drabble when I've written hundreds of the damn things, all more or less identical. But anyway, I must not be a sore loser. She asked for snakes, and got ... this. I cheated a bit too, actually, the sketch for this has been in my snippets folder for years. Ha!

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Title: Strong Chemistry
Author: [livejournal.com profile] allfireburns
Author's website: Fic List
Pairing: Dan/Rebecca, Dan/Casey
Rating: PG-13
Category: AU, slash, angst
Summary: Four addictions Dan Rydell never had, and one he does.
Notes: I've been kind of lurking around the edges of the Sports Night fandom for a while now, so this is me cautiously poking my head in with a story I wrote several months ago but never posted anywhere. Um... hi. ^^

( I've got a weakness for a strong chemistry... )
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Title: Shadows of a Doubt
Author: A S Lawrence ([livejournal.com profile] phoebesmum)
Author's website: Thrown Roses
Pairing: Dan, Casey
Rating: PG
Category: Slash, angst, drabbles
Summary: The trouble with … Danny …?
Note: Written August 2006 for [livejournal.com profile] contrelamontre's Hitchcock titles challenge.

Shadows of a Doubt
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Title: "Analgesia"
Author: Epigone ([livejournal.com profile] likethesun2)
Author's web site: Outdated; see memories instead
Pairing: None; Dan and Abby gen
Word Count: 1,265
Rating: G
Summary: "You’re not just doing this professionally. You’re doing it compulsively."
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] furies off a prompt

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Title: Go Thy Way, Daniel
Author: Marguerite
Author's website: Unknown
Pairing: Mainly Dan-centred, some mercifully brief Casey/Dana
Rating: G
Category: Gen, angst

Note: One of the finest Sports Night fics ever written.

Go Thy Way, Daniel

NB: Link amended 04/04/10 to include data from the Wayback Machine. Original link was http://4dw.net/marguerite/gothyway.html
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Title: Ubivis
Author: bj ([livejournal.com profile] allcanadiangirl) (me)
Author's website: [and chimeras.] http://bj.gatefiction.com
Pairing: Dan/angst
Rating: PG
Category: Gen. Angst. Therapyfic?
Summary: Where'd you go, man?
Author's note: Originally posted--a very long time ago. September 27, 2003. Wow. Posted here for posterity, because I love feedback like the deserts love the rain, and because I didn't want to be left out. The end!

ubivis is latin for wherever you wish; anywhere. )
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Title: Divine
Characters: Dan/Abby
Originally: 9/10/2005
Rating: Teen?  for occasional profanity
Quotes & References: many, many people: pretty much all the Abby and Rebecca episodes.
Summary: Therapy hysteria + religion = pure angst. Maybe a little AU-ish because it was originally part of a longer fic, hence the chapter headings and non-canon references. All standard disclaimers apply: I didn't invent the characters and I don't profit from them; only the writing is mine.

divine )


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