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Title: The Life I've Been Frightened Of
Author: [ profile] cartography
Pairing: Dana/Casey
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Of all the things in her life, he's the most familiar. Dana and Casey throughout the years.
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Title: What's Left Behind
Author: A S Lawrence ([ profile] phoebesmum)
Pairing/Characters: Rebecca Wells, Lisa McCall, implied Casey McCall/Dan Rydell (unrequited)
Rating/Category: PG-13/Slash
Word count: 3,570 words
Spoilers: None; assumes knowledge of the entire series.
Summary: Two strangers meet at random to discover they have more than a little in common, and a secret is uncovered.
Notes: Written for [ profile] smallfandomfest 05; prompt: Dan/Casey, the ex(es). Many thanks to [ profile] kmousie for beta-reading and excising Britishisms.

What's Left Behind
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So, I'm new here. Hi! I spent last weekend watching every episode on YouTube simply because I couldn't stop, and this has led to me writing my first completed fic in 6 months (second in about a year, actually - it was a LONG dry spell), so I'm quite happy. Also, you are all ridiculously good writers, even if I wish there were perhaps a touch more not-slash. :P So, I come bearing my own offering - hope you enjoy!

Title: Between Friendship and Love
Author: [ profile] bredalot
Author's website: see above
Pairing: Dana/Casey
Rating: PG-13
Category: Romance, mild Angst
Summary: Five times Casey kissed Dana that the show didn't tell us about.

( Between Friendship and Love )
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Author: BJ ([ profile] thepurpleswitch)
Author's website: and chimeras
Pairing: Casey/several women. Not at the same time.
Rating: 14A
Category: Gen, some het, angst
Word count: 13k
Summary: What did you do in Dallas?
Author's notes: "I've been writing this for something like four years. Maybe five, or longer. It's my Waterloo. It's unfinished. There are internal inconsistencies and what little logic there is starts unravelling near the end. I'm trying to accept that I might never finish it. I'm still kind of ridiculously proud of it."
Uploader's note: One woman's 'internal inconsistencies' and 'unravelling logic' is another woman's "Oh my god, I wish I could write like that." Linked here by permission of the author.

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Author: [ profile] shoshannagold
Pairing: Casey/Dan (slight AU)
Rating: NC-17
Category: Slash, romance, angst, AU
Notes: A four-part fic sequence from some years back; it's unfinished in its present state, but the individual parts stand perfectly well on their own – which is not to say that I don't hope for Part 5 one day. Link goes to the author's LJ tag for the series.

Citius, Altius, Fortius
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Title: Old Long Since (Auld Lang Syne)
Author: [ profile] mardia
Author's website: found here.
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Casey/Dana, Casey/Lisa
Category: Angst (slight, and of the holiday persuasion)
Summary: “Casey, bless him, actually waved. Oh, Dana was going to like this guy already. Or at least be thoroughly amused by him.” Six Christmases before Lone Star or Sports Night. Written for [ profile] allfireburns for the [ profile] sn_holidays challenge.
Disclaimer: Don't own, so please, please do not sue.

(old accquaintance be forgot) and never brought to mind.
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Title: plain, homespun truths
Author: [ profile] mardia
Author's website: found here
Pairing: Lisa/Casey, Dana/Casey, Dan/Casey
Rating: R to NC-17
Category: slash, het, ficlets, five things.
Summary: Five facts about Casey McCall that nobody ever seems to figure out.

rarely pure and never simple.
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Title: Five Conversations Lisa and Dan Had Without Killing Each Other (Although Sometimes It Came Close)
Author: [ profile] mardia
Author's website: my livejournal
Pairing: Lisa/Casey, Dan/Casey
Rating: PG-13
Category: Slash, Angst, Drama
Summary: Sometimes, it did come close.

and three's a crowd.
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Title: Landlocked Blues
Author: missdeviant
Pairing: Casey/Dan
Rating: R
Words: ~5,000
Summary: Danny's graduating, Lisa wants to have another baby, and Casey doesn't know what he wants. Companion to [ profile] torchthisnow's Time Grabs You By the Wrist.

Landlocked Blues
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Title: Trouble Though He May Be
Author: A S Lawrence ([ profile] phoebesmum)
Author's website: Thrown Roses
Characters: Lisa, Casey
Rating: G
Category: Ficlet, gen
Summary: She adores Casey just exactly the way he is, sports and mud and sweat and beer and all. She knows she always will.
Note: Written 30 April 07 for [ profile] sn_playbook 'ballgame' challenge.

Trouble Though He May Be
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Title: A Leap Begins
Author: [ profile] allfireburns
Author's website: Fic List
Characters/Pairing: Dan/Natalie, Casey/Dana, Casey/Lisa
Word Count: 200
Rating: G
Category: Humor, romance, drabble
Summary: Dan's made a decision. Casey thinks it's a bad one.
Notes: Written for the [ profile] rat_jam promptathon.

( Trusting desire... )
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Title: Tacit Promises
Author: [ profile] quiesce
Author's website: fic index post
Pairing: Dan/Casey (with Casey/Lisa implied)
Rating: G
Category: ficlet, slash
Notes: Written for [ profile] phoebesmum and the "Dan/Casey, promise" prompt for [ profile] rat_jam. (excerpt cross-post)

Tacit Promises )
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Title: Draft Day
Author: HYPERFocused
Author's website:
Pairing: Dan/Casey
Rating: PG
Category: Slash, Crossover (with Harry Potter)
Summary: Charlie is 11

Draft Day )
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Title: Voice In The Wilderness
Author: [ profile] catwalksalone
Website: First We Show Up - Then We See What Happens
Pairing: Dan/Casey, Casey/Lisa, Dan/OFC, Dan/Rebecca, Dan/OMC
Rating: 15
Category: AU (more parallel reality). And romance. Oh, angst too. Humour. Also hurt/comfort (ish), slash. Is that it? Ah, yes, het.
Summary: When truth brings tragedy, then it's better to live a lie. But secrecy, too, has its price.

Notes: Thanks to [ profile] phoebesmum and [ profile] lordessrenegade for being the best betas a girl could hope for. (And also to [ profile] phoebesmum for the summary, without which...) Thanks also to Michael Chabon for the plot bunny. Spoilers pretty much throughout season 1 and season 2 up to “April Is The Cruellest Month”. Split up into parts so LJ doesn’t go into melt-down.


Part 1 - Hanover

Part 2 - Californ-eye-ay

Part 3 - Hanover and Boston

Part 4 - LA Revisited

Part 5 - Dallas

Part 6 - New York

Part 7 - New York, New York – so good they named it twice

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Title: Can't You See That I'm Lonely?
Author: A S Lawrence
Website: Thrown Roses
Pairing: Shockingly, mostly gen, but working toward Casey/Dan, and it gets there eventually
Rating: PG-13
Category: angst, romance, all sorts
Summary: The history of Dan and Casey in 100-word instalments.
Notes: Written May/June 2006 for [ profile] sn100's challenge #121, Rescue Me titles. 33 prompts and, at [ profile] catwalksalone's urging, I wrote a drabble for each (as did she. Go read them!). They run in chronological sequence and, in theory, all form part of the same overall story.

Can't You See That I'm Lonely?
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Don't worry, this is the last of them.

Title: Pieces
Author: micehell
Pairing: Casey/Dan UST
Rating: PG-13
Category: Slash, Angst, Humor
Summary: Casually, because Casey is all about subtle, he asks, "Say, Danny, you wouldn't know what happened to my balloon, would you?"

Pieces )
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Title: We Might as Well be Strangers
Author: [ profile] phoebesmum
Author's website: Thrown Roses
Pairing: Casey/Lisa, Casey, Dan
Rating: PG13
Category: Unrequited slash, crappy marriage, angst (one of those is a real category, anyway)
Note: Written January 2006, and I can only hope I'm not getting my entire quota of fiction for 2006 out of the way all in one month, that would be sad. Well, sad for me.

We Might as Well be Strangers

* * *
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Title: In Repose
Author: [ profile] out_there, aka Annie-Lee
Fandom: Sports Night
Summary: "I think we should make this a regular thing."
Pairings: Casey/Lisa, Casey/Dan
Rating: G
Challenge: Written for the 2006 [ profile] picfor1000 challenge. The prompt picture is included below.
Disclaimer: Not mine, never were.
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] celli for advice and [ profile] oxoniensis for betaing. Crossposted to [ profile] picfor1000, [ profile] inthetallgrass and [ profile] snarchive.

In Repose.
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Title: Looking East
Author: [ profile] phoebesmum
Author's website: Thrown Roses
Pairing: Casey/Lisa; Casey/Dan
Rating: PG
Category: Slash
Summary: In which, for once, we hear Lisa's side of the story.
Note: Sequel to The Beautiful South and Go West. Do we sense a theme? There should have been another fic to finish the sequence, but I don't think it's ever going to happen.

Looking East


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