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In case you missed it, Sports Night is part of the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, the "Reunion" special issue.  The cover is in my LJ over here.
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Not the usual post. Is anyone able to re-upload The Zipfile for me? Somebody wants it, and - no, I haven't lost it! - it's on my old computer, and I haven't managed to transfer stuff over yet because I haven't been well.

Can you let me know if you can help? Thanks in advance!

Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] leiascully - what should be a more-or-less permanent link is now in her comment below.
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Time, once again, to post ...

The Zipfile.

I should give that thing its own tag.
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[livejournal.com profile] sorkinverse is a challenge-based community where you compete in three teams to earn points. There will be posted challenges ranging from graphics, writing, trivia, word games, thinking games and just plain luck.

We are concentrating on the television shows by Aaron Sorkin (specifically Sports Night, The West Wing and Studio 60). This means that you should have seen at least some episodes from at least one of the shows; this is much more fun if you know the show/s! You don't need any special skills to join this community, it is just for fun.

To join the community turn in an application here. Don't worry, it's only to get you placed in a team. Then you will get an invitation to your new team community and this community. Make sure you accept them!
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It would seem that Dreamwidth are not allowing the importation of communities at the moment, largely to ensure the posts of non-DE users don't end up there without their permission. So what does the mean for snarchive? It means that in order to enjoy quality Sports Night fic on DW, we have to start over. So please feel free to start posting and archiving your fic on both sites. For non-DW users you can log in and post using Open ID, and if you've already got a DW account, go for it!
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Hey all! Because I'm a completest, I've set up a new snarchive community over at Dreamwidth. There's no content at the moment, but feel free to hop on over and check it out, or even post a story or ten *g*
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It's been a while since I last posted The Zipfile. Since I just uploaded it for someone who was complaining she'd read all the SN fic she could find, I may as well share the link here again: The Zipfile.

The origins of The Zipfile are lost to my middle-aged memory, but it contains a whole bunch of stuff that dates back to the dawn of SN fandom, and is well worth poking around in, if you have an idle moment or two. Or lots.

Enjoy ...
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[livejournal.com profile] torchthisnow's LJ is no longer active, but her SN fic can be found here.

Admin post

Feb. 10th, 2008 12:04 am
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I've now added tags to the community, which I hope may help a little in finding a particular fic or author. It's a very basic set - the general outline is as follows:

author: [author's name]
category: this includes het, slash, gen, crossover, a/u and, interestingly, llamas
character: [character name] - for a crossover character, the name of their show's added in brackets after the name, for example - character: josh lyman (the west wing)
post: this will generally be fanfic - there's also a tag for meta, if anyone ever happens to write any!

The full list is under here )

Obviously I didn't have time to read every single fic in the archive, so some of my tabbing could no doubt be improved - please feel free to go through and amend the tags on your own fics. And if people wouldn't mind using tags when they post in the future (it's easiest to use the 'edit tags' option after you've posted), then that would be lovely.
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Just a quick post to update you all on the latest LJ 'enhancement', Content Flags.

I have set the default for the community to Adult Concepts. Therefore, if your own settings are set to allow you to see the widest variety of postings on LJ, and you are over 18 by your registration or profile birth date (seen or unseen) you should be okay. If you are not over 18, or you have set your own viewing options set to moderate filtering, you are going to see LJ imposed cuts.

Members who submit their work here can adjust the flags on individual posts, however since the community is defaulted to Adult Concepts if you write Gen, you will need to make sure your content is set or defaults to No Adult Content in your post to make it viewable to the widest range of readers. I cannot do that for you because I am unable to edit posts made by other people. It is up to you to make sure that your own viewing options are correct or set as you prefer.

This is a purely voluntary measure and you can chose to do with it what you will. However from now on I will ask you to always include suitable warnings and ratings in your posts. This part is not negotiable because LJ has demonstrated that they will not hesitate to shut down communities if they feel they breach their TOS. Acceptable ratings for submissions to this community are:
  • NC17 - Not suitable for those 17 and under. May include graphic/explicit sex, violence or language, and often all three.
  • Adult (MA) - Mature Adult. Used for themes and may or may not be graphic or explicit in any way.
  • R - Restricted for Content. Similar to "Adult" but includes graphic or explicit content and most likely harsh language.
  • PG13 - suitable for those 13 and above.
  • PG - Parental Guidance.
  • G - suitable for ALL audiences, but do not confuse this with GEN which is a genre description like Slash or Het. Gen can be violent or graphic, what it doesn't contain, usually, is any kind of romantic relationship themes.
Please use these ratings at all times. From now on I will remove posts that fail to include a suitable rating and warnings for adult and/or explicit content and ask the author to resubmit because I do not want this community to be taken away from us. I will update the community profile with to include this information.

I know it's a lot to absorb, so if you have any questions please feel free hassle me.
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Just a reminder to all members that the Sports Night Holiday Exchange is now open for business. If you can write fic, create art, graphics or vids, pop on over and put your name down to make this the best festive season ever!
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Just to let everyone one know, I have chosen to opt-out of LJ's latest statistical gathering exercise for this community.
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Since there's been a lot of interesting discussion going on in the fandom lately, I've created a new category for Meta if you'd like to post it to the archive. Go on, you know you want to *g*

Admin Post

Mar. 17th, 2007 02:39 pm
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I'm adding some pairing categories to [livejournal.com profile] snarchive to make it easier for people to find stuff. For now they'll just be the main ships, including Dan/Casey, Dana/Casey, Dan/Rebecca, Natalie/Jeremy, but others will be added as they appear. If your fic focuses on a ship if any sort, can you please add the appropriate catergory when you post your fic.

Thanks muchly!
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RSS and Atom feeds are now available for [livejournal.com profile] snarchive. Check for the links in the sidebar under the calendar. Just drag and drop the links into your favourite feed reader.
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I just want to take a moment to remind everyone of the posting guidelines for [livejournal.com profile] snarchive. While they're not rigorously enforced, I would appreciate it if you would follow them when depositing your stories. Not only does it make it easier for readers to identify stories they might enjoy, it also makes my life easier when archiving the fic and assigning metadata.

When posting your fic to the archive, please use the following guidelines to make it easier for your story to be archived:

In the subject line please include all of the following information in this format:

[story title] by [your name/penname], [pairing], rated: [rating]

In the main body of the post please include all of the following information in this format:

Author's website:

All stories must be hidden behind an lj-cut. If you think a story belongs in more than one category, please put them all down and I will attempt to cross-reference them when I archive them.


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I'd like everyone who posts at [livejournal.com profile] snarchive to feel safe in doing so. Therefore, to prevent the icons posted here from being included in LJ’s image feed, and possibly copied and hotlinked to, I have chosen to opt out of that feature.

If you would also like to opt out your personal journal or community:

Go to the Admin Console;

For personal journals: type set latest_optout yes in the box;

For a community type: set "for" CommunityName latest_optout yes (replacing CommunityName with your community name, of course);

Click ‘Execute’.

The opt out information was originally posted here: http://community.livejournal.com/lj_nifty/113869.html
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Since it seems that [livejournal.com profile] crack_van is no longer reccing Sports Night on a regular basis, [livejournal.com profile] snarchive is stepping into the breach and opening it's doors to SN recs of any kind. So come along and rec your favourite SN story. Please follow the standard posting format as laid out in the info and no posting of stories to the archive without author permission. Link from their webpage/journal if the story hasn't already been posted to the archive.

Okay, guys, recs away!

Admin Post

Feb. 13th, 2006 09:53 pm
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It occurs to me that I haven't been a very good administrator lately, but we now have over 200 fics archived which means something must be going right. To celebrate I've changed the layout around (again!) and just want to say keep on reading and certainly keep on posting!
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The memories have been fully updated to include all recent posts. A new section has been added for Vintage SN Recs, so if you've got a favourite story, rec away!


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