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No shooting today.
Time to rest.
Mind you the nightmare starts again tomorrow.
So, to continue on this vast topic.
For those who have missed the previous episodes :

1) Danny is engaged to Rebecca,up until recently no one knew except Jeremy and Nathalie. Now, Casey knows.

2) Rebecca is back at QV, thanks to Nathalie

3) Danny throws up a lot. Nobody knows except Jeremy.

4) When they are not breaking up,Jeremy and Nathalie are preparing their wedding, they are also very good friends with Danny and Rebecca

5) Casey...ah Casey....is going through a lot of stress right now . Now, instead of just sitting in a corner doing nothing, he DOES CRAZY TOTALLY UNCASEY-LIKE THINGS. Like getting high before air-time and OH MY GOD having a ONE NIGHT STAND with the new senior assistant producer (whom I may remind you, in case you have forgotten is gay).

6) Nathalie knows about Casey's one night stand (those of you who wish to know how she found out should refer to section 2) and she told Jeremy.

7) Ah this is important since I'm changing the scenario here slightly. After thinking about it, I've decided that Jeremy DOESN'T TELL Nathalie about Danny's throwing up problem. Why? Because I want so.

I am sorry about the complexity of all this, but you know, this is sorkinesque, and Sorkin likes complex stories. (Who had the idea of Dana's dating plan, can somebody remind me?, not to mention the Casey/Gordon/Sally/shirt story)

Now, back on track, so to speak.

1) Jeremy and Isaac

As I mentioned earlier in section 1, Jeremy is now real close to Danny. At some point, Danny's problem is really becoming a real problem and Jeremy freaks out.
He decides to go to Isaac.
Why, in God's name did he wait so long?
It's about time somebody starts fixing this mess.
Everybody needs a break.
At least, I'm pretty sure the audience does and Sorkin probably also since he is writting at the same time his scripts on TWW.
So, our friend Jeremy goes to Isaac and spill the beans about Danny's throwing up issue.
Isaac already knows that something wrong is going on with Danny.
He has this special bond with Danny, remember?
He questions Jeremy about Danny's life because he wants to understand where this throwing up issue comes from...but Jeremy doesn't say more.
Bad boy.
Isaac, who is far from being stupid, starts some deep thinking after his convo with Jeremy.
Between one of his anchor throwing up and the other one getting high before air time, he comes to the conclusion that there is something rotten in the Kingdom of Danemark.
Yes, Isaac is well aware of Casey's strange behavior on air.
He hasn't said anything to him yet, since it only happened once.
He decides to do what managers do ( the smart ones I mean) in that case: he strolls in the corridors to feel the atmosphere and find some infos.
He goes to Narthalie.
Nathalie is having a girly chat with Rebecca in the edting room. They are discussing engagement rings.
This is so sweet.
Rebecca, who just came back from her parents with her fiancee, shows her new ring to Nathalie.
Isaa overhears part of the convo and SEES the ring on Rebecca's finger.
Now, he leaves it there for the moment, thank you very much, since he has a show to prepare for tonight.
But he plans on discussing all these issues with, guess who?
We are going to see Esther.

2) Isaac and Esther

God I can't wait to see this.
So, Isaac talks about Danny and Casey to Esther.
Danny, engaged and throwing up.
Casey behaving strangely.
Casey and Danny not so close anymore.
Esther , of course, has a theory about all this mess.
Possibly Danny isn't completely happy about his relationship with Rebecca?
Possibly Danny is scared to death about this kind of commitement?
Possibly Danny misses Casey.
Possibly Casey is not so happy about Danny being engaged?
Possibly Casey misses Danny.
Isaac agrees.
So does the audience by the way.

3) The show

Now, with all these deep conversations happening all over the place,I understand you guys could question the evolution of the show.
That's a perfectly VALID point.
Here is what I can say.
We are assuming the show is now a huge success, with high ratings and all the rest of it.
We have now 42 minutes episodes instead of 22.
Well, yes, we need 42 minutes now, because we still have to talk about sports ( I know, the audience doesn't care, but the show is called Sports Night, remember) and we also need to follow all our characters in their complex and miserable life.
Now, with high ratings you have more money and you also have the possibility to shoot in various places (hence Isaac's house for instance).
Does this answer your questions?
I hope so.
Because there is more to come.

4) Dana

We get to see Dana.
She gives birth.
Well, somebody somewhere deserves to be happy.
I can't decide if it's a girl or a boy.
A boy probably.
We need to get her back in the loop.
So, she is at the maternity in her lovely room with her lovely baby.
That's another interesting location to shoot.
And believe me, the people working on the set better do a good job on that one, because A LOT OF FASCINATNG EVENTS are going to TAKE PLACE in that room.
For a start, Sam comes and pays a visit to Dana.
Yes, you heard me, Sam.
Just in between Venezuela and Afghanistan, he has a few days to spare in NY City.
Can I tell you how much I love Sam? And how perfect he is for Dana?
And what a great chemistry these two had on screen?
Well, of course, they are husband and wife in real life so it helps.
Nevermind, they are so perfect together that there is no way they can make it.
Not in Sorkinland, that is.
They talk .
They even touch hands.
I need to move to the next scene otherwise I will cry, you know me, I'm the crying type.
Here comes Nathalie.
Oh yes, Nathalie needs guidance.
We don't blame her.
She is preparing her wedding, afraid that Jeremy might break up with her and she is also producing a show.
Now, she has lots of problems with the boys.
Between the manly gay, the vaguely gay who is now engaged and the..?
Let's see...the suddenly bi?
God, this is difficult.
She cracks under the pressure and tells Dana everything she knows about Casey.
Dana is super cool about the one night stand.
I know, this is slighty OOC but you have to remember she is high on the hormones right now and she just saw the love of her life walk away to God knows where (Lybia? Iraq? Ouzbekistan? ).
She is furious, on the other hand, about the drug story. ( She has a drug addict brother, remember?).
Anyway, she tells Nathalie not to worry, she is coming back soon (in two weeks time) and she is going to fix everything.
She is after all Dana and she has the superpowers.

Now, it's late and I need to concentrate on tomorrow's call sheet.
I also have a meeting with my creative guys because this commercial is turning out to be a 33 second instead of 30 and that's a problem.
See you soon.

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