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Name:Sports Night community from LJ (backup)
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Welcome to the Sports Night Fanfiction Archive, a community dedicated to storing and distributing fanfiction relating to the short-lived yet much loved series.

The archive is open to anyone who writes Sports Night fanfiction. All categories of fanfiction are welcome, including but not limited to:


Warning! Many of the stories in this archive will contain adult content, including sexual situations and coarse language. Please read the ratings carefully and be aware that some stories are not suitable for people under the age of 18.

Posting Guidelines: When posting your fic to the archive, please use the following guidelines to make it easier for your story to be archived:

In the subject line please include all of the following information in this format:

[story title] by [your name/penname], [pairing], rated: [rating]

In the main body of the post please include all of the following information in this format:

Author's website:

All stories must be hidden behind an lj-cut. If you think a story belongs in more than one category, please include them all in your post.

You can post as many stories as you like, as often as you like. And they don't have to be brand new. If you've got a cache of old stories kicking around your hard drive and nowhere to post them, you're more than welcome to place them here. If you know of a great story but the author hasn't been in the fandom for a while, you can recommend it as a Vintage SN Rec. Stories may also be posted on behalf of an author who doesn't have an LJ, but only with their permission. I do not want any irate emails from authors who think their work has been hijacked.

All posts will be archived into the community's memories, and if you have any questions feel free to email me at laylee at livejournal dot com.

The community is now tagged - please use the existing tags as appropriate. New (to the fandom or to the community) authors, a maintainer will add a tag for your name as soon as possible after you've posted your fic.

A Word on Content Flags: The default for this community is set to Adult Concepts. Therefore, if your own settings are set to allow you to see the widest variety of postings on LJ, and you are over 18 by your registration or profile birth date (seen or unseen) you should be okay. If you are not over 18, or you have set your own viewing options set to moderate filtering, you are going to see LJ imposed cuts.

Members who submit their work here can adjust the flags on individual posts; however, since the community is defaulted to Adult Concepts, if you write Gen you will need to make sure your content is set or defaults to No Adult Content in your post to make it viewable to the widest range of readers. The community moderators cannot do that for you because they are unable to edit posts made by other people. It is up to you to ensure that your own viewing options are correct or set as you prefer.

This is a purely voluntary measure and you can choose to do with it what you will. However all posts must always include suitable warnings and ratings. This is not negotiable because LJ has demonstrated that they will not hesitate to shut down communities if they feel they breach their TOS. Posts that fail to include a suitable rating and warnings for adult and/or explicit content will be removed and the author asked to resubmit, because none of us wants the community to be taken away from us.

The Fine Print: This community is in no way associated with the creators, writers or producers of Sports Night. All material contained herein is produced by fans, for fans, and no infringement of copyright is intended.
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