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And we're out.
Fini, terminé, the end.
I can go home tomorrow and start a new life.
This shooting is over.

Another boring evening in a hotel room, c'est pas mal, I can continue my deep thoughts on SN Season 3.

So, back at the maternity.
In fact, no, back on the show, since we already spent half the episode outside the TV studio.
I mean, we can't always be at the maternity overhearing deep conversations, otherwise this is going to sound like ER.
Not that I mind, I quite liked ER at the time but, you know, we have other issues on our mind, right now.
Like, taking care of all these neurotics characters.
Why neurotic?
Ah, but this is because none of them has all the infos about what's going on, you see, and this is going to create tons of problems.
Until somebody starts to put two and two together, but that's not about to happen, I mean, not YET.
Just saying.

I case you were starting to dream about a quick happy ending....well forget it.

1) Casey and Danny and Dana and Isaac.

Oh yes.
It's been a long time since we havn't seen the four of them in the same scene.
And this is why everything is going so wrong.
Last time we saw them together, behaving normally, must have been 20 episodes ago.
At this point, the audience is probably dying to go back to the old days.
I sure would like to.
You know, BEFORE.
When things were good.
When Casey and Dana were pseudo dating..
When Danny and Casey were behaving like a married couple, arguing, breaking up, hugging, strolling around with no pants on, taking their shirt off in front of one know....all of this with fascinating body language and wonderful SUB TEXT.
When Isaac could solve everyboby's problems...
So, just for tonight's episode, we get a little bit of happiness.
Now, I also think that Sorkin would need a bit of happiness too since he is probably writing "Two cathedrals" right now and this is quite ahem...loaded.
OH MY GOD don't get  me started about "two cathedrals", EVER.
You hear me? EVER.
So, happy epi. Yay.
Dana is now back home with her baby boy.
Yes, she lives now in Calvin's 600 square meter penthouse overlooking Central Park.
It took her a very long time to accept moving at her boyfriend's place but she did.
This is another great location in which you can shoot lots of lovely scenes.
So, in a nutshell, Casey decides it's about time he pays a visit to Dana and he talks to Danny about it.
Yes, he TALKS to Danny.
I sure wish these two would talk a bit more these days, but nervermind, seeing them discussing about the prospect of visiting Dana is better than nothing.
Danny decides to go with Casey.
By the way, Casey also invites Isaac to come with them.
At this stage, at least half of the audience is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
I mean, you know, maybe these people will get their act together and exchange key informations?
Forget it.
Now, as we see the four of them discussing about the meaning of life in Calvin's penthouse, I will write down a few lines about the plot.
Dont get me wrong on this, I trust Sorkin, he is after all a genius, but sometimes he can get a bit oblivious about his own guidelines.
So, here is the road map, just in case.
Who is aware that Danny is engaged AND throwing up?  I mean besides the audience and Danny himself? Isaac. Wrong answer, Jeremy knows also. But he is not in the room, thank God for that.
Who is aware that Casey has gone on the dark side of the force AND is turning into a drug addict? Again besides the audience and Casey himself? Dana. That's not quite correct, though, because Jeremy,Nathalie and our British manly gay friend also know, but since they are not invited in the penthouse (somebody has to work to prepare the show) we don't care.
I mean, we DO care, A LOT, because it's a bit like witnessing a 747 just before a crash but there is nothing we can do about it.
Now, on top of that, thanks to Abby, Casey knows Danny is engaged.
Danny TOLD him, remember?
MY GOD, I think I need a break.
A a little bit of champagne from the minibar will do.
Now, we are untitled to share a blissful moment , God knows we deserve it.
Casey, Dana, Danny and Isaac discussing.
We will learn some things about Isaac's past, when he started as a journalist, when he won his prize, when he met Dana also.
We will also learn, it's about time after 65 episodes, how, when and where Casey and Danny met.
We will have Danny's POV and Casey's on their first day together.
We will also learn a bit more about Dana/Lisa/Casey.
We will also learn that Isaac wants to retire pretty soon, after Dana is back.
Oh my, my my.
This is SO GOOD.
And it's all very sorkinesque, with bitter sweet banter, funny yet melancholic, lots of very good acting, sighs and looks, silence and burst of laughter at the same time.
I think they would use that scene to compete for the Emmys or the Golden Globe.
Nervermind, I'm digressing again.
I would presume half of the female population of the United States is watching that episode.
Now, we have to remember we are in Sorkinland, and after the sweet comes the bitter.
So, at one point, Dana, who has done a VERY GOOD JOB SO FAR IN CONTROLING HERSELF, will blurt out something about the drug topic.
She would talk to Casey, like he's a three year old, and say something like "Don't you dare ruining my show again like the other day WHEN YOU GOT HIGH FIVE MINUTES BEFORE AIR TIME AND NATHALIE HAD A FIT AND THIS COULD HAVE RUINED YOUR CAREER FOREVER AND BY THE WAY DESTROY THE SHOW."
Yes, something Dana-like.
Oh dear.
Now, the audience is okay with that, in fact everybody is okay with that.
But that's not the point.

He didn't know anything about this and he finds this piece of information very traumatic.
We don't blame him, after all, he has deep issues with the people he loves and the usage of drugs.
Josh Charles, who is now thinking about getting his first Emmy nomination as supporting male actor in a comedy (or drama) series will play this beautifully.
I would shoot him in close up.
Long close ups.
He is so devastated he can't even breathe properly.
But he does at one point.
"Casey?" silence, lots of heartbreaking mouth mouvements,"WHAT HAPPENED?"
Good question Danny.
I have a few ideas on the subject, and so does Isaac, alongside with the rest of the audience but still, it would be good to hear it from Casey.
Casey, who would also be shot in long close up, this is a director's dream I'm telling you, would sigh with those beautiful, huge, sad brown eyes of his. And bite his lip probably.
They would be very close by now and look at each other with extreme intensity, like when they argued in Draft Day part one and you wouldn't know if they were going to jump at each other's throat OR break into a passionate kiss.
This is it?
My God 65 episodes and voilà?
Of course not.
Now, it's getting really late and I have a plane to catch tomorrow morning, very early.
So, godnight everyone.
This is the last of my thoughts I will post on Snarchive, since as I said earlier, it has nothing to do there.
It's not fanfiction per se and therefore I will continue this fascinating story in my LJ only.
Not that it matters anyway.